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Short BIO


Origin: Fayetteville, Arkansas


Genres:  Thrash Metal : Death Metal


Years Active:  2012- Present





Agentz Of Khaos' sound mixes elements of modern metal acts like Cannibal Corpse,
Slayer, and The Black Daliha Murder with the brutality of songwriting greats like Keith Merrow and George Lynch. "Deep and Divine" by Agentz Of Khaos is dialed in and ready for commercial radio rotation....
Agentz Of Khaos has death metal and thrash metal by the balls in our area, says JaneDoe Graves of Camp Zombie Stage Designs. Bobby Mangrum's songwriting
has also garnered praise from regional metal greats like SpiderCorpse. "Those Hillbillies know how to throw heavy music down your throats". Eric commented, I only listen to heavy music, I felt like I could hear that song at a large metal fest.
Fast forward past the first EP, a performance on YouTube Live, and countless shows across Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, Agentz Of Khaos is fresh off the release of two singles sounding better than ever before!

"The Agentz Of Khaos is a hard hitting metal band from Northwest Arkansas. Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it"

-Camp Zombie Stage Designs


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